This blog will give you all that detailed information about the famous mobile operators in Cambodia. This could probably raise the question of what is the cheapest yet the most powerful SIM card in the country. In order to address the same, keep on reading. Some top mobile operators in Cambodia can be listed here:

mobile operators in Cambodia

I. List of Mobile Operators in Cambodia

Previously, there were approximately nine mobile operators in Cambodia. However, the number has now been reduced to only five. 

1. Metfone

Metfone is one of the leading Cambodia mobile operator

In 2009, Viettel brand invested in Metfone which is a mobile operator in Cambodia. By the time, Metfone has managed to gather around 10 million subscribers and it can be regarded as one of the leading network operators, possessing 50 percent of the Cambodian telecommunication industry market.

2. Smart Axiata

Smart Axiata is one of the top mobile operators in Cambodia
Smart Axiata

One of the largest mobile operators in Cambodia is Smart Axiata, also known as Smart Mobile and Hello Axiata. Operated by Axiata Group Berhad, Smart Axiata has excellent Cambodian coverage at 98 percent (3G / 4G/LTE).

3. Cellcard

Cellcard is one of the top mobile operator in Cambodia

Cellcard is one of the biggest and popular mobile operators in Cambodia. Cellcard started as a joint-stock company established in 1997 under CamGSM Co. Ltd in Cambodia. After 26 years, people have trust and believe in it. 5G cell connections are the strongest mobile network operator Cellcard in Cambodia.

4. Yes

YES is one of mobile operators in Cambodia

Yes is a specialized network operator that was established in 2014 and focuses on providing the best digital services of high quality in Cambodia. Specifically, Yes has also been referred to as the only telecom company that offers a full 4G / LTE service nationwide. Its internet speed is very high, and its connection is extensive.

5. Cootel

Cootel is one of mobile operators in Cambodia

Cootel joined the telecommunications network market in Cambodia back in 2013. This company was allowed by the government of Cambodia to work on the 4G super fast network services hence becoming the first brand that brought the 4G technologies in Cambodia.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operators in Cambodia?

Nevertheless, the process of selecting any reputable Cambodian mobile operator could really pose a challenge. To help you make an informed decision, consider the following evaluation criteria:

  • Brand Reputation: Choose a mobile operator, which is well-known in Cambodia and having much practice in the local market. Many of them always need to maintain a superior quality to maintain their reputation.
  • Coverage: When traveling in Cambodia ensure you select a reliable mobile operator that will keep you reachable even if travelling through remote areas.
  • Internet Data Availability: Choose internet-based mobile phone operator since it cannot be guaranteed that there are public WiFi hotspots all over Cambodia. The quality of the online experience depends on good internet speed.
  • SIM Card Costs: Issues of affordability are also important for consideration. You may look for friendly SIM cards and fascinating contract services; doing this will save money when in Cambodia.

III. Best Mobile Operators in Cambodia – Detailed Comparison

In an Open signal report of February 2023, there were differences in service experienced by mobile operator users in Cambodia. When talking about users, each carrier has something to brag with. Here are the key comparisons:

OperatorCoverageSIM PricesPlans
MetfoneExtensive coverage nationwide including rural areas. Slightly weaker in cities than Smart$1-2“Data Osja” combo plans from $1-6 with varying data and call allowances valid 7-30 days
SmartNear nationwide coverage. Strongest in major cities and townsFree regular SIM. Tourist SIM $5 for 30GB and calls“OsPaNhaHa!” from $1.25 for combo plans. “SurfLikeCrazy” data packs from $0.10. Various 1-30 day eSIM options
CellcardWeakest coverage overall but present in all provinces. Gaps in rural areasRegular SIM $1. Tourist SIM pack $6 for 7 days unlimited data and calls“Serey+” combo plans $1.50-8. “Time to Rise” $1-6. “iNET” data only $0

So in summary – Smart tends to be rated highest overall in terms of network coverage, speeds and customer service quality. But no single operator always has the best prices across all services, so check options closely matching your usage needs and budget.

Tips: Based on these criteria above and your own usage demands to decide which Cambodia mobile operator to choose for your trips 

VI. Where to Buy SIM Cards from Mobile Operators in Cambodia?


While it is easy to purchase a mobile SIM card in Cambodia, how to do so correctly is crucial. There are numerous avenues you can adopt to acquire a SIM card in the nation. Here are some options:

  • Purchase from phone stores: Nevertheless, SIM card prices may be high in those shops and one might end up buying poor quality SIM cards that are not connecting.
  • Purchase from mobile operators’ outlets: It is good to purchase a SIM card directly from the service provider’s official outlets. This is often the case as the quality is better and the price is lower, with the purchasing process being simplified as well.
  • Buy SIM cards at Cambodia Airports: Several mobile operators in Cambodia have established airport sales points. Once you reach Cambodia, it is pretty simple to get a SIM card from a trustworthy operator. All that you are required to give is your valid visa, passport, and payment for the SIM card.

Good to know: In Cambodia, you could also be required to have some identity documents to register SIM cards. Therefore, Cambodia eSIM plans could be an option for the SIM card.

VII. Where to get eSIM for Cambodia travel?

If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia and wondering where to purchase a SIM card, look no further than by GIGAGO. They offer a wide selection of data packages for various durations, allowing you to choose the perfect plan to suit your trip. From as little as 3GB for a 5-day plan, up to 50GB for longer 30-day packages, there are low-cost options to see you through however long you’re spending exploring the beautiful countryside and bustling cities. 

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VIII. FAQs about Mobile Operators in Cambodia

How many mobile operators are there in Cambodia?

About nine mobile operators existed previously in Cambodia. On the other hand, the figure has gone downhill to just five. These include Metfone, Smart, Cellcard, yes, and Cootel.

Which is the best Telco in Cambodia?

Cambodia has three major network operators—Metfone, Smart, and Cell card, which are the largest ones in the country. Every carrier possesses certain competencies which render it distinct from others.

Which is the largest mobile operator in Cambodia?

Metfone currently dominates the Cambodian mobile market as it holds approximately 10 million subscribers, which represents over half the market share.

Do Cambodian SIM cards work in USA/Europe?

Most Cambodian provider SIM cards will automatically roam in USA, Europe and other destinations if adding an international roaming package. Extremely high pay-as-you-go roaming charges can apply outside such an add-on plan when traveling externally.

Can I use a Cambodian SIM in Thailand/Vietnam?

Yes, you can utilize a Cambodian SIM card in most neighboring countries without roaming charges due to special regional agreements in place. Be sure to verify if any incremental fees apply with your specific mobile operator.

IX. Conclusion

In conclusion, the three major mobile network operators in Cambodia are Metfone, Smart Axiata, and Cellcard. Between them they have widespread coverage across the country, including both urban and rural areas. But for fuss-free connectivity while traveling, consider an eSIM from for the most affordable and simple solution.

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