Are you planning on traveling to Cambodia? But you do not know if it should be an eSIM and SIM card of a mobile provider or not. One of the most famous operator services in Cambodia is the Metfone eSIM and SIM card. This post will introduce the Metfone SIM card and eSIM in Cambodia.

I. About Metfone

Metfone with the most extensive, reliable and trusty network in Cambodia, is the number one mobile operator. Viettel (Cambodia) PTE is a subsidiary of the Viettel Group, one of the world’s fastest-growing telecom companies, and operates under the banner of the Viettel Group. GSMA Wireless Intelligence has listed the Viettel Group among the top 15 telecom firms globally in terms of cellular connections.

Metfone is the premier mobile operator in Cambodia
Metfone is the premier mobile operator in Cambodia

The Viettel Group has invested heavily in 11 countries, and serves over 100 million customers across Asia, America, and Africa. Cambodia is one of the success stories for Viettel Group. Here are some facts about Metfone:

  • Under the brand name Viettel Cambodia, launched operations in 2009. Rebranded as Metfone in 2014.
  • Viettel Group is a Vietnamese state-owned enterprise. The Viettel Group also owns mobile operators in a number of Asian, African and South American countries.
  • In 2022, Metfone had more than 7 million subscribers – representing nearly 50 % market share in Cambodia.
  • Covers both 3G and 4G/LTE networks throughout Cambodia. Already has over 5000 network towers in 20 provinces.
  • This provides locals and tourists with the choice of prepaid and postpaid connections.
  • It offers a variety of competitive data packages, unlimited social media plans, roaming offers and more.

II. Metfone – Operator Services

  • Services: Metfone offers a range of telecommunications services, including voice calls, SMS, MMS, mobile internet, and value-added services. They provide mobile connectivity to both individuals and businesses in Cambodia.
  • Network coverage: Metfone has expanded its network coverage across Cambodia and provides services in various provinces and cities. They continue to invest in network infrastructure to improve coverage and ensure reliable connectivity.
  • Mobile internet: Metfone offers mobile internet services, allowing customers to access the internet on their mobile devices. They provide data plans with different data allowances to cater to various usage needs.
  • Roaming: Metfone provides roaming services, enabling customers to use their mobile phones and access services while traveling abroad. Roaming partners of Metfone allow customers to stay connected and use their services in other countries.
  • Value-added services: Metfone offers value-added services to enhance the mobile experience of its customers. These services may include features such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, mobile entertainment, and more.
  • Products and packages: Metfone offers different mobile plans and packages to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. These plans include voice, data, and combined packages with various options for minutes, SMS, and data allowances.· 

III. Why Metfone When You’re Exploring Cambodia – Coverage and Speed

1. Coverage

Metfone coverage map
Metfone coverage map. Source: nperf

Metfone is one of the leading mobile network operators in Cambodia, known for having some of the most extensive coverage across the country. The carrier operates both 3G and high-speed 4G LTE networks, with its 4G services covering an estimated 90% of the Cambodian population. Metfone’s network infrastructure spans wide across all major cities and provincial towns, delivering reliable connectivity in most heavily populated urban centers. Coverage remains strong along highways connecting different regions as well.

2. Speed

The report by open signal indicates that Metfone has a mean download speed of 13 Mbps and a mean upload speed of 6,4 Mbps. In the 4G network, Metfone’s mean download speed is 12.2 Mbps, and mean upload speed of 6.1 Mbps accordingly.


In Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, typical Metfone 4G speeds are around 15-35 Mbps downlink and 10-15 Mbps uplink based on user tests. Enough for HD video streaming, large downloads etc. With 3G networks, speeds of 8-15 Mbps are common in most areas which supports web access, Google Maps etc.

So with Metfone Cambodia, you can be assured of reliable performance whether catching up on social media at cafes or using ride-sharing services around temples.

IV. How Much Do Metfone SIM Cards and eSIM for Tourists Cost?

Metfone eSIM and SIM cards have various prices for tourists from $1-$10. You can check some Data OSJA Metfone plans below:

Data Osja$17 days8 GB
Data Osja Plus 1$1.57 days15 GB
Data Osja Plus 1.5$630 days60 GB
Data Osja Plus 6$1030 days100 GB

With a reasonable price, you can have a better data experience to Cambodia from Data OSJA plan above.

Additionally, you can purchase an eSIM from Cambodia eSIM providers like You can refer to some Cambodia eSIM plans within 10 days, suitable for a short trip to Cambodia

V. Where To Buy Metfone SIM Cards and eSIM?

Metfone eSIM and SIM card is one of the indispensable for Cambodia trips. You can directly buy Metfone eSIM and SIM cards from mobile operators or retailers. Below are some guides for buying eSIM and SIM cards when traveling to Cambodia.

1. Where To Buy Metfone SIM Card?

You can buy SIM cards at various locations in Cambodia
You can buy SIM cards at various locations in Cambodia

Metfone SIM cards can be purchased at various locations in Cambodia, including:

  • Metfone retail stores: Metfone has over 7,000 retail stores and service centers across Cambodia, where customers can purchase Metfone SIM cards and other mobile services.
  • Airports: Metfone SIM cards are available for purchase at most airports in Cambodia.
  • Convenience stores: Metfone SIM cards are available at most convenience stores in Cambodia.
  • Online: Customers can purchase Metfone SIM cards through the company’s website or third-party e-commerce platforms, such as Lazada and Shopee.

2. Where To Buy A Metfone eSIM?

Metfone eSIMs can be purchased through several channels, including:

  • Metfone website: You can purchase a Metfone eSIM through the Metfone website by following the instructions on their eSIM page.
  • Metfone stores: Metfone eSIMs are available at Metfone stores. You can find the nearest store by visiting the Metfone website or using their mobile app
  • For a hassle-free set up before even reaching Cambodia, you can also purchase Metfone eSIM from that offer eSIM plans with various data and validity options. Their eSIM plans also remove roaming charges and provide great value, with multi-country options if traveling beyond Cambodia 

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VI. Metfone Vs Other Cambodia Mobile Operators

According to OpenSignal statistics from Feb 2023, for download speed, Metfone remains in third place with its score of 11.1Mbps. Both Metfone and Smart retain a coverage award from the last report – 4G Availability for Smart and 4G Coverage Experience for Metfone.

Mobile experience awards OpenSignal (Feb 2023)
Mobile experience awards OpenSignal (Feb 2023)

VIII. Calls And SMS Rate Of Metfone In Cambodia

Here’re some local calls and SMS rates that you should know when using Metfone services in Cambodia. 

Services Roam Like Home Zone 1 Zone 2 Other
Local Call $/Min Unitel $0.09 Viettel $0.09 Mytel $0.09 $0.50 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00
Others:$0.50 Others: $0.50 Others: $1.00
Call to Cambodia (HOME) $/Min Metfone: $0.09 Metfone: $0.09 Metfone: $0.09 $0.50 $1.00 $4.00 $4.00
Others: $1.00 Others: $0.50 Others: $2.00
Receiving Call $/Min - Free 10min/day - After 10min: $0.09/min - SMS Roam Like Home: $0.02/SMS $0.30 $0.70 $1.50 $1.50
Send SMS $/SMS SMS other: $0.20 SMS other: $0.30 SMS other: $0.50 $0.30 $0.30 $0.50 $0.50

IX. How To Check Metfone Balance – All Metfone USSD Codes That You Need To Know

When using Metfone services, here’re some USSD codes that you should know:

ActionDialing CodeInstructions
Top-up using Scratch Card*1203*scratch card code#Dial *1203* followed by the scratch card code and “#” (Example: Dial 120312345678912345#)
Top-up using Anypay1529Dial 1529, press number 2, enter the PIN code followed by “#” for remark
Check Balance*1201#Dial *1201# to check the balance of your Metfone account
Top-up using eMoney*1568#Dial *1568#, reply with 3, enter your phone number, enter the amount, enter the PIN code, and reply with 1 to finish the transaction
Check SIM Card Profile*200#Dial *200# and select number 1 to reply to check your SIM card profile
Check Balance while Roaming*097#Simply press *097# and send to get a balance update on your phone’s screen
Check Own Number*99#Dial *99# to know your own Metfone number
Register/Update SIM Card Profile*200#Dial *200# and select number 2 to reply and follow the instructions if you don’t have a profile or if your profile is incorrect/incomplete
Access Mobile Internet Services*133#Dial *133# and select number 1 to reply, then follow the instructions to access all mobile internet services of Metfone
Share Data Volume with Subscribers*133*Receive Number*Data Volume#Dial *133* followed by the recipient’s number and the data volume you want to share (Example: *133*0885802674*100#)
Metfone USSD code

X. How To Top Up Your Metfone SIM Card

Metfone sim card

Metfone provides various ways to top up your account, and regardless of the method you choose, you will still receive all your bonuses.

Top-up Methods: 

  • Metfone Scratch Card
  • Anypay
  • eMoney
Scratch Card ValueAnypayeMoneyValidity
50 centsLess than 1 USDNot available3 days
1 USD1 USD – 1.99 USD1 USD – 1.99 USD7 days
2 USD2 USD – 4.99 USD2 USD – 4.99 USD14 days
5 USD5 USD – 9.99 USD5 USD – 9.99 USD30 days
10 USD10 USD- 19.99 USD10 USD- 19.99 USD60 days
20 USD20 USD- 49.99 USD20 USD- 49.99 USD100 days
50 USDMore than 50 USDMore than 50 USD200 days
Top up options for Metfone users

XI. FAQs About Metfone SIM Cards

How do I activate a Metfone SIM card?

To activate a new Metfone SIM card, you need to purchase one from an agent/store. They will activate it for you. Ensure the balance on the SIM is enough to make calls/texts for a few days.

Can I get a SIM card at the airport?

Yes, you can find Metfone SIM card kiosks or resellers at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports that can activate a SIM for you right away.

What forms of ID are needed? 

To register a new Metfone connection, you typically need a valid passport. Some stores may accept other IDs like driver’s license.

What about international calls? 

For lower rates, use VoIP apps instead of the regular dial pad. You can also buy international call packages.

XIV. Final Words

In conclusion, the telecommunications industry has been greatly influenced by the introduction of Metfone SIM cards, particularly in the realm of mobile network services. Metfone, a prominent mobile network provider in Cambodia, has embraced this technology and now provides customers with the option of using a digital SIM card instead of a physical one.