Smart Axiata is Cambodia’s leading mobile operator, having the widest, most dependable, and most trusted network. Smart Axiata provides 4G and 5G mobile services that are used by almost 99% of Cambodia’s population. Let’s find out more about Smart Axiata SIM cards in this article.

smart axiata sim card

I. Quick Facts about Smart Axiata

Smart Axiata is one of the top mobile operators in Cambodia
Smart Axiata

Smart Axiata is one of Cambodia’s leading mobile network operators. It was founded in 2008 and is a part of one of the biggest telecom operators in Asia, Axiata Group Berhad. Smart is a leader in mobile technology advancement in Cambodia.

Smart was the first network to launch 4G LTE in 2014, followed by 4g LTE(commonly known as 4G+) Advanced in 2016, then 4.5G with HD Voice (VoLTE) in 2017. It also provided the first 5F live display in mid-2019, demonstrating its data leadership position in Cambodia.

In addition, Smart offers international roaming services in over 190 countries. Its extensive countrywide network reaches 99% of Cambodia’s population.

Smart intends to be Cambodia’s #1 and most loved communication technology brand by 2022 while maintaining a strong corporate social responsibility and sustainability agenda for national socioeconomic growth.

II. Smart Axiata Mobile Operator Services

Smart Axiata offers its customers a wide range of mobile communication services, from basic voice and messaging services to high-speed mobile data and value-added services such as money, insurance, music video, add-ons…

Smart Axiata is devoted to providing its customers with the most modern mobile technology to satisfy their changing needs through a creative and customer-focus strategy. 

  • Voice services: Smart Axiata provides many voice services, such as smart voice mail, missed call alerts, voice messaging, conference calls, and other local and international voice calls.
  • Data services: Smart Axiata provides its users high-speed mobile data services, including 3G, 4G, and also 5G internet. Moreover, it has lots of data packages, including unlimited and add-on data plans.
  • Messaging services: High-Quality SMS and MMS messaging services are also provided by Smart Axiata. Consumers can send messages, images, and videos to other customers and other networks easily. 
  • Value-Added Services: You can have many value-added services such as music streaming, mobile gaming, and content subscriptions. The company further provides mobile payment services and has connections with many retailers and service providers so that it can give its clients discounts and offers.
  • Roaming services: Besides offering domestic services, the company also provides international roaming services, through which consumers can use their mobile services overseas.

III. Smart Axiata Coverage and Speed in Cambodia

Smart Axiata Coverage

Smart Coverage Map
Smart Coverage Map

Smart Axiata has countrywide network coverage. It operates on 3G and 4G/LTE networks, and is busy developing 5G in Cambodia at present.

The Smart networks currently cover around 99 % of Cambodia’s population, and all 25 provinces. The network equipment the company invested heavily in developing provides stable, high-quality mobile services for customers.

In urban areas. such as Phnom Penh and other major Cambodian cities, Smart has impressive network coverage. Moreover, the corporation has allotted considerable resources to enhance its reach in rural areas where mobile links are sparse.

All in all, Smart’s network coverage in Cambodia is comprehensive and reliable, offering customers top-quality mobile services no matter where they are in the country.

Smart Axiata Speed

Smart Axiata, which operates as Smart in Cambodia, continues investing heavily to expand and enhance its high-speed mobile data network across the country. In major cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Smart delivers consistent 4G speeds around 18.7 Mbps, allowing customers to enjoy seamless streaming, social media usage, and online activities. Beyond urban centers, Smart’s expansive infrastructure ensures speeds remain above 10 Mbps along most highways and populated provincial towns.

IV. Best Smart Axiata SIM Cards for Tourists

There’re two Smart Axiata SIM card plans for tourists:

  • Smart Traveler SIM (FREE)
  • Smart Traveler SIM Standard (only $5)
Price$5 USD
On-Net Calls300 min
On-Net SMS300 SMS
Off-Net Calls and Calls to Selected Countries*30 min
Validity15 days

Those traveling to Cambodia on a limited budget or for an extended period of time will be able to stay in touch with friends, family, and the rest of the world thanks to the generous 25GB of data included in the Smart Traveller SIM Standard package. The 5 USD Standard plan includes UNLIMITED on-net calls and SMS.

V. Where to Buy Smart Axiata SIM Cards and eSIM?

As a visitor to Cambodia, you will have several options for purchasing a Smart Axiata SIM card and eSIM to stay connected during your vacation.

1. Where to Buy a Smart Axiata SIM Card?


Smart Axiata SIM cards can be obtained in a variety of locations throughout Cambodia, including:

  • Smart Axiata retail stores: In Cambodia, Smart Axata operates approximately 41 retail stores and service centers where clients may buy Smart Axiata SIM cards and other mobile services.
  • Airport: Simply go to the Smart Booth at the international airports in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap to receive your Smart Traveller SIM. 

2. Where to Buy Smart Axiata eSIM?

You can easily buy Smart Axiata eSIM through several channels, such as:

  • Smart Axiata website: You can acquire a Smart Axiata eSIM by following the steps on their eSIM page on the Smart Axiata website.
  • Smart Axiata stores: Smart Axiata eSIMs can be purchased through Smart Axiata stores. You may find the nearest Smart Axiata store by visiting their website or using their mobile app.
  • eSIM providers: A variety of eSIM providers offer Smart Axiata eSIM with a variety of customized choices and competitive pricing. is one of them. They offer various eSIM plans to travelers visiting Cambodia, making it easier for you to stay connected during your trips.

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VI. Calls and SMS Rate of Smart Axiata in Cambodia

The rates for calls and SMS are frequently determined by your SIM package. The rates are frequently among the following:

Calls SMS
On-net call: 7 cents/minute On-net SMS: 3 cents/SMS
Off-net call: 9 cents/minute Off-net SMS: 5 cents/SMS
International calls: from 3 cents/minute  International SMS: 10 cents/SMS

VII. How to Top up Your Smart Axiata SIM

There are 3 ways to top up your Smart Axiata SIM card: 

  • Top-up Card: You can easily get a Smart Axiata top-up card at most retail outlets and service facilities in Cambodia. Customers can add credit to their Smart Axiata account by scratching off the silver surface on the card, revealing a unique code. Then you just have to text your number and the code to the website. 
  • Online top-up: Customers can also top up their Smart Axiata SIM cards online using the company’s website or mobile app. Customers can top up their accounts from anywhere with this option, which requires a credit or debit card. You can also use your online wallet, like Alipay, to top up.
  • Bank Card or Mobile Banking: Customers can also utilize their bank’s mobile banking services to top up their accounts. This method necessitates the use of a registered bank account and may entail additional expenses.

It’s worth noting that some top-up options may charge additional fees or have minimum and maximum top-up amounts. For more information on prices and limits, customers can contact their service provider or the top-up vendor.


VIII. How to Check Smart Axiata Balance – All Smart Axiata USSD Codes that You Need to Know

There are 2 ways to check your Smart Axiata balance: 

1. Dial a USSD Code

You can confirm your Smart Axiata Cambodia phone number by using one of the following USSD codes: *1#, *887#, or *400#. You should receive a message validating your phone number after entering the code. This procedure is simple and quick, plus you’ll have confirmation that it works.

2. Make Contact with Your Service Provider

If you are experiencing problems validating your Smart Cambodia phone number with the USSD codes, please contact your service provider. They should be able to help you with any problems you’re having and verify your phone number. You can call their 24/7 Call Center at 1204 or +85510200888.

There are a few more instructions on how to check your balance and other code you may need. 

Active SIM Card Dial *313#
Check your bonus balance Dial *205*888# or go to the SmartNas app.
Check your purchase with well-chosen sellers. Call the center at 1204 and ask them to check for you.
Check your Smart @Home balance Check on app
Check your remaining StreamOn balance Dial *700*8888#
Check members are in Smart PowerLus Sharing Dial *700*11#
Check Smart Thomorng! Weekly/ Daily bonus Dial *1333*888#.
Check profile  Dial *1202#
Check the registered SIM card  Dial *1202#
Deactivate roaming Dial *313*0#
Reactive roaming Dial *313#

IX. FAQs about Smart Axiata SIM Cards

What identification must I bring when I visit a Smart Shop to get a new Smart Axiata SIM card?

A valid choice from the list below is:
National ID card.
Government ID card.
Monk ID card.

Which Smart Axiata SIM card categories are offered?

For compatible devices, Smart offers physical SIM cards in three different sizes (regular, micro, and nano) as well as eSIMs.

Where do I find Smart Axiata SIM cards?

Airports, Smart stores, and convenience stores all sell Smart SIM cards.

Is it possible to extend the life of my Smart Axiata SIM card?

Yes, you can add more credit to your Smart SIM card to prolong its expiration date.

X. Final Words

Smart Axiata provides reliable and affordable prepaid SIM card options that can keep tourists fully connected during their visit to Cambodia. Whether you need a minimal data package for basic navigation and messaging or want unlimited social media usage, there is a plan to suit every budget on prepaid Smart Axiata SIM card menu.